‘Blindspot’ Series Finale: Jane Doe’s Fate

‘Blindspot’ Series Finale: Jane Doe’s Fate

After FBI agent Madeline Burke poisoned herself in front of Tasha Zapata in episode 9, Blindspot fans were left on the edge. Madeline’s henchwoman, Ivy left a deadly canister of the zip bomb somewhere in New York City. If activated the bomb could destroy the city. Kurt tries to convince the FBI head Arla to trust his team to battle Ivy.

Although Jane Doe survives the memory-erasing zip bomb, she begins hallucinating visions that could take her life. However, the location of the zip bomb is also only in Jane’s memory and she is well aware. After lengthy talks with FBI therapist Robert Benton in a vision she learns: “If you want to engage in your present, you must engage in your past…we need to stop demonizing our adversaries. If we listen to them, perhaps we can learn from them.”  

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Jane later takes advice from memories from people in her past including ex-lover Oscar (Francois Arnaud), Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), Hank Crawford (David Morse), and even Madeline (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) among many others. Jane then finds out the bomb is in Times Square where she was found in a body bag in the first episode of season 1. 

‘Blindspot’ Series Finale: Jane Doe’s Fate

Tasha finds Ivy and knocks her out. “She had a detonator, I don’t think she triggered it,” says Zapata. Kurt and Jane find the bomb clock is actually counting down and once it is detonated the screen goes black.


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