Best viewing time for tonight’s meteor showers

Best viewing time for tonight’s meteor showers

Earlier this morning a meteor shower graced the sky, as the Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaked. Read further for the best viewing times for tonight’s meteor showers.

The meteor shower consisted of 20 stars per hour in the sky, moving at a speed of 41 kilometers per second, according to Forbes. The showers occur 45 degrees from the constellation of Aquarius.According to astronomers, the Aquariids shower is caused by the comet 96P/Machholz. Also Read– New data reveals fires in the Amazon could be as bad as last year

The Delta Aquariids Meteor shower runs from July 12 until Aug. 23. According to the American Meteor Society, because the meteor shower peaked this morning, there is a high chance for meteors for the next week. 

Best viewing time for meteor showers


The Perseids meteor shower is also scheduled to peak this summer. This shower is the most well-known and loved of them all. It will run from July 23 through Aug. 20. The peak dates are Tuesday, Aug. 11 and Wednesday, Aug. 12.

The best time to view the Perseids shower is an hour or two before dawn on the peak dates or a few days before. The showers are most visible in as dark a night as possible.

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Optical aids like binoculars or telescopes actually make it harder to see the meteor showers, so it is recommended to just rely on the eyes.

NASA recommends finding a spot outside the city or street lights with a sleeping bag and “Lie flat on your back and take in as much of the sky as possible.”


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