Becca Kufrin claps back at fans over Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca Kufrin fights back at “disappointed” fans as they question her relationship with Garrett Yrigoyen. The world is criticizing Becca Kufrin’s relationship with fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and she is clapping back.

The former bachelorette, 30, posted a photo of her niece on Instagram and was bombarded with negative comments. “So disappointed in you,” one follower wrote. The reality star was quick to reply, writing, “I’m SO sorry that by me spending an afternoon with my niece makes you upset.”

When another commented, “Some girls just self-destruct in relationships,” Kufrin responded again. Also Read– Ex Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s Husband diagnosed with disorder

“OMG please write an advice book for all of us girls who apparently can’t handle ourselves in our own relationships,” the publicist responded. “We definitely need a man to tell us how to act.”

The pair are currently physically separated with Kufrin travelling to Minnesota then Wisconsin with her fiance Yrigoyen. On July 18, Yrigoyen commented that he was in California for a friend’s wedding. However the couple continues to comment on Instagram photos despite the distance.

Kufrin and Yrigoyen battle relationship obstacles

Becca Kurin claps back at fans over Garrett Yrigoyen

The Bachelor fans are questioning Kufrin’s relationship status with Yrigoyen. Her response was “It’s something that we are trying to work through and discuss and do work on at home at this time and that’s where the work will remain and that’s really the best I can give you at this point.”

Earlier this month, the former Bachelor star shared that while she “started 2020 on a high” in her career, she was in “a completely different mindset” then, compared to where she is at now.

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“With everything happening, I feel like I’m being tested. I’m learning a lot more about myself and my friends and my family and just having new conversations that I’ve never had before in my life,” she told co host Rachel Lindsay during the July 7 “Bachelor Happy Hour” episode. “Good days, bad days, thank god for [my dog] Minno because she keeps me sane. She is like my therapy pet.”


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