Australian state re-establishes lockdowns after coronavirus spike

Corona in Australia
The country has a total of 7,274 cases with the 3 most recent cases all being from unknown sources.

Australia’s second most populated state, Melbourne, reinstated lockdown restrictions on gatherings after seeing a double-digit spike four days in a row.

Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews reprimanded people for not following guidelines on physical distancing. 

He said people were engaging in close physical contact such as hugging and kissing. The Premier once again imposed a five people limit on household gatherings and a 10 people limit on public gatherings.Also Read– Australia On Its Way to Eradicating the Coronavirus

The restrictions will come into effect starting Monday and will continue until July 12th. The news comes after the state removed restrictions for gatherings at the start of the month.

“It is unacceptable that families anywhere in our state just because they want this to be over pretend that it is. It is not over,” said Premier Daniel Andrews.

State officials recorded 25 new coronavirus cases on Saturday.

Australian Football league player tests positive 

The Australian Football League canceled a game scheduled for Sunday in Melbourne after a player tested positive for the virus. The league just recently started games in empty stadiums.

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Australia has 102 total number of deaths, according to officials, which is relatively lower than the global numbers.


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