Armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park

Armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park

A majority-black group of heavily armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday. The armed protesters called for the removal of the Confederate rock carving that civil rights activists consider a memorial to racism. 

 A video of the Independence Day event posted on social media showed a large group of protesters dressed in all black paramilitary-style clothing, quietly marching down a sidewalk at the park.

Some of the protesters were armed with rifles and military-type weapons. Others wore ammunition belts over their shoulders. A few people of other races, men and women alike, were among the protesters. Also Read–Another confederate statue torn down by protesters in Richmond

A short clip showed the leader of the group shouting into a megaphone challenging white supremacists who historically rally in front of Stone Mountain.

“I don’t see no white militia,” he declared. “We’re here. Where … you at? We’re in your house. Let’s go.”

A spokesman for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, John Bankhead said the protesters were orderly and peaceful. 

“It’s a public park, a state park. We have these protests on both sides of the issue from time to time. We respect people’s First Amendment right,” Bankhead told reporters.

“We understand the sensitivities of the issue here at the park … so we respect that and allow them to come in as long as it’s peaceful, which it has been.”

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Stone Mountain has received many calls for its removal since the death of George Floyd on May 25th, an unarmed Black man, at the hands of a white cop.


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