Amazon says Jeff Bezos willing to testify against antitrust violations

Amazon Jeff Bezos
Google, Facebook, and Apple also expected to testify next month

Amazon says CEO Jeff Bezos is willing to testify against allegations of antitrust violations. According to a letter from the company’s lawyer to congressional leaders, the CEO is ready to testify in front of lawmakers against allegations.

The letter from an outside attorney for the company, dated Sunday says Amazon is “committed to cooperating with your inquiry and will make the appropriate executive available to testify”. Also Read- T-Mobile outages case issues across the US for customers

The letter written by Robert Kelner continued to say, “This includes making Jeff Bezos available to testify at a hearing with the other CEOs this summer.”

In May, lawmakers said they wanted Bezos to testify against a report which accused the company of benefitting by using third-party seller data for its own private-label products. Amazon denied all such allegations.

Google, Facebook, and Apple also expected to testify next month

The three other tech giants, Google, Facebook, and Apple are also expected to testify as soon as next month although meetings are yet unscheduled. The CEOs of Google and Facebook testified after the 2016 elections and privacy scandals however at the time Bezos did not testify


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