Air travel faces the biggest transformation since 9/11

9/11 attacks

Almost two decades after the 9/11 attacks which transformed airports and added security barriers, the industry is facing more changes since the coronavirus pandemic.

The changes will be related to increased health measures and making the travel experience “touchless” and decreasing human contact. These changes could mean higher prices for travelers.

“We need faster, cleaner, better ways to get through the airport,” Robyn McVicker, vice president of operations and maintenance at Vancouver Airport Authority stated. “It’s something that we believe is the future.”

Vancouver airports and others are increasing on touchless technology to allow passengers to print off baggage tickets and drop them at a self-serve kiosk. 

McVicker and her team are working on a project called “Phoenix” that aims at removing all contact with people at airports. This includes waiting in line, waiting at the terminal, and even the need for paper tickets.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has halting almost all air travel and has transformed airports into facilities with little revenue and increasing costs.

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“The industry has never been more aligned on how do we make things better than it is today,” said McVicker.


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