8 wounded and 2 dead in South Carolina nightclub shooting

8 wounded and 2 dead in South Carolina nightclub shooting

On Sunday, two people were killed and another eight were wounded in a Greenville, South Carolina, nightclub. The shooting at the nightclub is suspected to be related to gang violence that killed two people. 

Police suspect more than one shooter was involved and fled the scene at the Lavish Lounge club before authorities arrived. A very large group of people had gathered in the club for what “some type of Fourth of July concert,” Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said in a press conference. Also Read– Lincoln man dead after shooting

Lewis says two sheriff’s deputies were in the area near the club shortly before 2am when they heard shooting and saw a commotion in a group of 200 people.

Shooters quickly fled the scene

Carolina nightclub shooting

The deputies called for backup and emergency services and entered the night club. They immediately started to evacuate people and find the active shooter but they had fled the scene.

Greenville officials have released no information about the wounded or the suspects. Lewis told reporters they were looking for “known gang members,” and that the shooting was “probably gang related.”

Some of the 8 wounded victims were taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital by people at the scene and others by emergency officials.

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Police are further investigating an earlier shooting in the nightclub next door to Lavish Lounge on Saturday, for any possible connections between the two.


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