4 officers fired over killing an emotionally disturbed man

4 officers fired over killing an emotionally disturbed man in Houston. According to officials, the man was on the ground, wounded and incapacitated, before a final volley of 21 shots by officers.

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Police Chief Art Acevedo released a graphic bodycam video and announced the department’s findings. The shooting happened on April 21 of a 27-year-old man Nicolas Chavez.

Acevedo stated Thursday that Chavez had been incapacitated by multiple Taser cartridges, bean bags, and three gunshots. Thereafter the four officers fired a total of 21 shots in the final moments of a 15-minute encounter.

4 officers fired after shooting 21 rounds into an incapacitated man

Chief Acevedo called the barrage of gunfire at the end unreasonable.

“The discharge of those 21 shots by those four members are not objectively reasonable,” Acevedo said. “I don’t consider them objectively reasonable; the chain of command does not consider them objectively reasonable and I believe anyone that watches this … would see they had a lot of opportunities and a lot of other options readily available to them.”

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He added, “You don’t get to shoot somebody 21 times because, at that time when we discharged those 21 rounds, Mr. Chavez was at his greatest level of incapacitation.”

Union members said the department bowed to political pressure following nationwide protests against police brutality.


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