20 Indian soldiers die in confrontation at Himalayas

Indian China Border
India’s death toll at the disputed Himalayan border has risen to 20 soldiers.

After an overnight clash in the Galwan area, the Indian army made a statement on Tuesday to say both sides have “disengaged”.

After the clashes between India and China, the Indian army reported 3 deaths but later said an additional 17 soldiers have succumbed to their injuries.

Indian Army

The reported clash is the first between the two countries after almost half a century.

Additionally, the Indian army reported a “violent faceoff” between the two countries in Galwan Valley in the region of Ladakh with “casualties on both sides.”

“The loss of lives on the Indian side includes an officer and two soldiers,” the statement said. “Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation.”

China will continue to maintain “peace and tranquility”

On the other hand, China accused Indian soldiers of conducting “provocative attacks” leading to “serious physical conflicts” between both sides.

The Himalayan border is disputed between China and India, resulting in it being heavily militarized. Zhao Lijian, the foreign ministry spokesperson gave no information on casualties in relation to the Chinese army. He continued to add that China strongly protests the incident and continues to commit to maintaining “peace and tranquility” along the border.

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Zhao said, “But what is shocking is that on June 15, the Indian troops seriously violated the consensus of the two sides, crossed the border illegally twice and carried out provocative attacks on Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical conflicts between the two border forces.”


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