13 people dead after police raid nightclub over COVID-19

13 people dead after police raid nightclub over COVID-19 restrictions. At least 13 people have been killed and three others injured in a stampede at a nightclub in Lima, Peru. The stampede occurred when partygoers attempted to escape a police raid on the venue, according to Orlando Velasco Mujica, general of the Peruvian National Police.

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Police were called to the Thomas Restobar in the Los Olivos District of Peru’s capital city on Saturday evening. Over 120 people were attending the nightclub party. Additionally, the illegal party violated COVID-19 restrictions of the Los Olivos District.

Furthermore, police said in a statement they have started an investigation to identify the owners of the nightclub. Police are looking for the individuals and have arrested 13 people. 13 people dead due to the irresponsibility of the nightclub owner, police say.

“The Ministry of the Interior profoundly regrets the deaths of 13 people as a consequence of the criminal irresponsibility of an unscrupulous business owner,” the statement said.

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13 people dead from nightclub stampede

In an official statement, the Ministry of the Interior reported that the police did not use “any type of weapon or tear gas to clear the premises.” People began to flee the 2nd-floor trying to get away from the police as a result they were crushed on the stairs.


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